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New Moon Sagittarius
Saturday November 22nd 7:33 AM EST

Pathfinder Report is a new Moon Astrology report intended to assist in advancing personal significance, equality, and sovereignty through self observation and admission. The report assumes "you create your own reality" an unequivocal fact, at times referred to as "the perfection premise".

New Moon Data
(all dates and times EST)

New Moon Saturday November 22nd 7:33 AM EST
Mercury ingress Sagittarius Thursday November 27th 9:27 PM
Mars ingress Aquarius Thursday December 4th 6:58 PM
Full Moon in Gemini Saturday December 6th 7:28 AM
Jupiter retrograde Monday December 8th 3:42 PM
Venus ingress Aquarius Wednesday December 10th 11:43 AM
Pluto in Capricorn square Uranus Aries Dec 15
Mercury ingress Capricorn Tuesday December 16th 10:54 PM
Sun ingress Capricorn Sunday December 21st 6:04 PM
Uranus direct Sunday December 21st 5:46 PM
next new Moon Sunday December 21st 8:37 PM

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New Moon Chart for Saturday November 22nd 7:33 AM

Astrological alignments in place at the moment of the new Moon
Pallas Athena (Scorpio) square Juno (Leo)
Uranus retrograde (Aries) semi-sextile Chiron (Pisces)
Pluto (Capricorn) sextile Chiron retrograde (Pisces)
Pluto (Capricorn) square Uranus retrograde (Aries)
Mercury (Scorpio) sextile Mars (Capricorn)
Mercury (Scorpio) square Jupiter (Leo)
Pluto (Capricorn) semi-sextile Ceres (Sagittarius)
Uranus retrograde (Aries) trine Juno (Leo)
Ceres (Sagittarius) square Chiron retrograde (Pisces)


Ongoing Themes

These astrological themes are global in nature. The intention is to assist an individual awakening to larger dramas and to find peace within themselves by knowing how personal dramas are proportions of grander energy dynamics. Please accept these as samples and examples as none of these energy dynamics can be defined in a conclusive way. As always what is significance is the quality of an individual's self appreciation which is shown to them through their unique emotional truth.

The deconstruction and reconstruction of social infrastructure.
Possible Ramifications:
Questioning of long standing infrastructure.
Ending of historically established institutions.
New opportunities for revolutionary ideals.
The rise of a new practicality in terms of taking responsibility.

Developing special talents and skills
Possible Ramifications:
Discovering a longed for talent actually exists and now becomes available.
A deeper feeling commitment and purpose services the development of one's unique special skills.
An ability to admit any poor attitude allows space for increased responsibility and maturity.
A much richer experience through communication and thinking.
Partnerships make more sense as the focus is on security and comfort.

Individual self confidence openly expressed.
Possible Ramifications:
Hesitation replaced by immediate action.
Personal options as valued property are protected and defended.
Assumed identity tested through real life incidents.
Beliefs considered facts justify bold social interaction.
Self interest dominates use of shared resources.

Mixing and merging of diverse opinion and culture.
Possible Ramifications:
To what culture or opinion am I associated?
People as a global nation begin to prioritize what they have in common.
Separation due to cultural adherence loses ground.
Some long held notions of truth or reality now seen as delusions.
A seeking for a new compassion model which services global harmony.
Inspired artistic expressions blend cultures and unify interest.

New Moon in Sagittarius
Saturday November 22nd 8:33 AM EST

Pluto in Capricorn is square Uranus retrograde in Aries, the exact square occurs December 15th however the square is place at the new Moon and is sustained throughout the entire Moon cycle. If there is some social system which obviously needs change, if there are public infrastructure systems teetering on collapse, if there are dysfunctional systems intended to service society which were in the past effective yet are no longer effective, then these systems can give way to their demise at any moment. Meanwhile the individual may be given the opportunity, or generate the opportunity, to increase social or public presence. This can include being actively involved with community institutions, taking on new work and career opportunities, being apart of a significant community dynamic, things which affect an individual's social value or reputation. With Jupiter, Sagittarius ruling planet, currently transiting Leo the inner feeling of being admired or the outer experience of being admired will in many cases tie into public experiences. The Pluto Uranus square indicates major social changes can happen suddenly and so some may be propelled into the recognition. Mars will make an Aquarius ingress on December 4th. This is also quite significant as Uranus is freeing Mars, many people who were in the past complacent are now, since March 2011 when Uranus made the Aries ingress, responding to their impulses and taking action. Now with Mars in Aquarius there is either a complementary alignment between Jupiter and Mars or an opposition. Important people will be either supported by the sense of freedom they inspire in others or important people will be called on their seeming blocking of the freedom impulse of others.

When we anticipate a joy filled time with another we give off a signal that says we are ripe and ready for harmony. Being clear about the nature of personal signals we can also say, as an example, that concern for financial security which carries with it electro-magnetic patterns, beliefs, which are allowed to prioritize immediate experience, will be a broadcast as well. The impulsive self has increasingly begun participating in outer personal and outer collective affairs. Flashes of excitement and confidence which have been occurring recently move now toward external world integration where the anticipation is able to manifest in actual sharing. The idea or opportunity is to be discerning as to what the impulse and excitement is about. This can be achieved by knowing the difference between what is a mental or logical interpretation as in an ongoing rationalization of the excitement, as opposed to how one is harmonically drawn into a sharing of excitement as in trusting spontaneous experiences. Things are never as they seem. What is playing out now is the quality of one's foundation and the steadiness they have been able to tune to. An individual's integrity has built for them a core foundational sense of self which is harmonically rich due to it's extended congruency and ironic simplicity. Once such an inner core of stability has been established the individual's natural impulsive nature will continuously serve their intention for joy. The ability for such an individual to affect another is high because their harmonic spectrum is wide continuous and congruent, their electromagnetic broadcast simply the by-product of their integrity.

The interaction between Juno in Leo and Uranus in Aries will correlate with internalized relationship concerns abruptly becoming public. A need to feel admired by one's partner, or to attract a partner by being admirable, is given a huge lift by Uranus in Aries. Suddenly things start to happen which were perhaps previously intended to be a private contemplation. A rather mild insistence of an individual to either focus on the apparent admirable quality of another or the have them self seen in some admirable way suddenly becomes super charged, something much more dramatic and public then was ever dreamed possible follows. A concern about being important because it is believed to enhance a partnership can become a precarious adventure right now. Self respect is being increasingly focused on right now anyway as Jupiter is transiting Leo since July 17th and will do so until next July. With Juno also in Leo this self respect becomes directed to qualifying a relationship or partnership situation. This being a Sagittarius Moon cycle and Jupiter being the ruler of Sagittarius increases the probability that many more than usual will be inspired to focus on the qualities which will yield them admirable attention. Of course external validation is not needed to bring great attention to some individuals. Jupiter in Leo expands one's natural sense of self love, individuals who feel good about themselves will most likely inspire others to do likewise, some become leaders as the natural by-product of their integrity and energy.

This Sagittarius Moon cycle will see inspirational ideas moved into actions, activities increase, as individuals react with optimism to their desires dreams and visions. There are eight heavenly bodies in fire signs at the new Moon indicating a time of actions. Jupiter in Leo indicates an increasing grand sense of self for some individuals and Mars in Capricorn indicates actions qualified by what is considered important to achieve one's personal goals. Vesta Ceres and Venus all in Sagittarius at the new Moon indicate dedication and commitment to what one has strong beliefs about. A receptiveness to one's calling is translated into actions. A sense of pride and dedication justify an individuals actions, strong beliefs and purpose supported by self confidence translates into what is assumed to be realistic outcomes. Some will appear as leaders as this is the natural outcome of their inspiration and belief in what is possible and is good, not just for themselves but for their neighbor their local community, for the global community. Some will have their spiritual beliefs activated, others their dedication to organic integrity. A serious concern for the well being of others, either a family member who appears to have lost their way or someone who has been lured into darkness, brings out dedication and purpose in others who will make moves to assist another. There will be those who stir up communities through social events simply because they feel like and act like leaders, most likely inspiring many along the way.

With all three fire signs well represented we can expect the Sagittarius new Moon to trigger and launch many activities. Mars, which indicates how we go after things, is in Capricorn and forms a quincunx with Jupiter in Leo shortly after the new Moon. Jupiter is significant as it is the ruling planet to Sagittarius. This alignment will show many the power of impeccable self empowerment. An individual's specific assumed identity can feel particularly empowered as the tasks required to move their agenda forward are acted upon. Some may be blinded by their own light yet, like all experiences, the individual is lead to opportunities to become more self aware. Testing out one's notion of how they are effective with public influence or effective with bringing value to to the public can occur as the individual feels the effect of Jupiter and becomes more self confident.


With this Moon cycle beginning in Sagittarius the focus will be on activities which increase public value. The current report, including the fourteen period cycle below, is scripted from the perspective of discovering and acting upon the interconnection between apparent separate dynamics which make up daily experience. Such realizations bring forward an effortless yet dynamic interchange with our world as we intend and seek those experiences which are motivational. An evolution of self awareness occurs as connections and insights become instantaneous with our experiences. Those born under the Sun sign Sagittarius have a natural propensity to dynamic public involvement. They naturally and easily become leaders through their quick dynamic actions. Not to exclude others as we all have Sagittarius somewhere in our personal astrology charts, the following is a simplified list intended to indicate where each Sun sign would experience expanded insight in a natural way. There are many accents in each personal astrology chart where an individual's energy will be characterized by an apparent alternate Sun sign, as in being their Moon sign. In these cases there may be personal alignments which support a deviation of one's will from their highest order. The intention here is to clarify the basic inclination toward social and public commitment of each Sun sign and thus create added meaning to the content of the report. These can also serve as healthy intentions.

    I experience an expansion of insight when I ...
  • Scorpio: accept and trust my body to show me and lead me to what is most interesting.
  • Libra: connect with others and share ideas with those who are immediate to my current intention.
  • Virgo: pay attention to how I emotionally feel about my public value.
  • Leo: move on my inspiration with joy and excitement.
  • Cancer: organize my personal responsibilities.
  • Gemini: allow myself to become involved in the dynamic adventure of partnership.
  • Taurus: allow the richness of my partnership to attract public value.
  • Aries: move courageously forward into new territories of social and public interaction.
  • Pisces: accept the leadership role which my chosen career leads me to.
  • Aquarius: embrace the value of social interaction.
  • Capricorn: allow and accept the opinion of others.


The Birthdays section is a list of birthdays which are being strongly affected by current astrological alignments. If a birthday is not listed here it doesn't mean that a person is not experiencing significant astrological influences which are dynamically paralleling life changes. After all we are experiencing tremendous Earth changes now, nobody is excluded. The people who do have these birth dates are being strongly influenced now and are likely experiencing life altering dynamics. In some cases great opportunities are occurring and in others great challenges are brought forward. Since all challenges can be re-framed as opportunities all those who have these birthdays are experiencing great live changing opportunities. If a birthday is just a day or so previous to the listed date then the person has recently experienced a major change. Due to the retrograde nature of transiting planets the change is not necessarily complete, it may return. If a birthday follows a date listed the person will soon experience a major change. Again due to the retrograde nature of transiting planets the person may have already begun a major change which seems to have backed off, and will most definitely return.

  • September 6th
  • October 5th & 6th
  • November 18th to 21st
  • January 2nd & 3rd
  • February 23rd
  • March 4th
  • April 3rd
  • May 17th to 20th
  • July 3rd & 4th
  • August 27th & 28th


To get a more complete or expanded feeling of this Moon cycle consider reading through the fourteen descriptions which follow. Many themes are included here and although relevant to the particular Moon phase and period are also relevant to the entire Moon cycle.

Fourteen Period Format

The Pathfinder Report follows the Moon through fourteen periods in 29 days beginning on the new Moon. The Fourteen periods, or phases, follow the Moon's journey through the entire Moon cycle. Each period will have a particular flavor or tone and is interpreted here as a unique opportunity. The first period begins at the moment of new Moon and continues until the Moon's first ingress. The Moon will ingress into the next zodiac sign thirteen times yielding fourteen unique periods. A theme unique to the complete Moon cycle is also included. As each individual's journey and process is a unique personal adventure this report is to be considered a generalization. In some cases example scenarios are given to assist in providing clarity as to how specific astro alignments may be experienced.

29 Day Moon Calendar

Use the above link to access a current Moon cycle calendar. Each Moon ingress is indicated with date and time. The following fourteen descriptions are relevant to the Moon's cycle through the zodiac. If you are visiting this link prior to the new Moon moment you will have to follow the link "next 29 day Moon cycle". The "29 Day Moon Calendar" page updates automatically on the new Moon.

01 Saturday November 22nd - new Moon in Sagittarius 7:33 AM EST
The presence of a clear concise agenda is supported by an active Mars in Capricorn sextile Mercury in Scorpio. This is a good time to set out on one's clearly formulated plan. There is a wonderful opportunity to get deeply and clearly into what one needs to get into right now. Mars will expedite a clearly defined plan. Drawing up a time line which outlines necessary steps and tasks along the way is a good example of how to ride and navigate this Sagittarius new Moon. Jupiter, Sagittarius ruling planet is in Leo indicating a rising and expanding self image. There will be many who will expand their sense of self confidence. Complete with what goes up must come down scenarios Jupiter influence can be blinding. Even if it is three steps forward two steps back sometime we are still moving forward. The ability for an individual to simple accept themselves and others is good and very convenient especially this Moon cycle. A natural sense of self confidence will connect an individual to many opportunities while at the same time setting them up to inspire others by example. Leadership can be an interesting thing, many will expand create or resolve leadership awareness or issues this Moon cycle. Be clear at this new Moon moment as to what leadership means. Ideally it is about inspiration, self acceptance, it's about allowing one's self to accept the experiences they create whether it is accepting one's self as a leader or following the leadership of another. Or how about the leadership and inspiration being shared within the team where there is constant leadership present yet each individual involved takes the lead for some portion of the journey. This sort of leadership is demonstrated by geese who make a V in the sky where each goose has their turn at the front.

02 Monday November 24th - Moon enters Capricorn 11:33 AM
Having things in order such that specific tasks can be carried out may be a major concern as the Moon transits Capricorn. Some may even feel pressure or panic as deadlines grown in significance and the ability to meet one's target goal is challenged by practical details. These feeling reactions in most cases can be exaggerations and even of value as they point out to the individual the area where they are to be most concerned relative to the accomplishment they want to secure. Both Saturn in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn can describe what many feel right now. Whether it is the on going changes to social systems, community programs, and all types of infrastructures, or the control over shared resources, the need for details in contracts, and the fair disbursement of assets. The Moon in Capricorn can emotionally remind the individual of these important matters. The current Sagittarius Moon cycle may bring out the multi tasking nature in many and as such each individual task must be coordinated with the practical world, each item on the to do list must be supported by certain physical world requirements. Some concern which have been lurking for some time and which the individual knew at some point they must deal with are now more urgent as the fire energy of Sagittarius has been added to the mix. In a way this can be an exciting time yet the individual must be careful not to take on to much all at once. One way to determine if things will go according to plan, or should we say plans, is to pay attention to the quality of communication with those one is involved with. If communication is difficult then the multi-tasking will be difficult, if on the other hand the partnerships are going well then success, although unpredictable, will likely yield good things.

03 Wednesday November 26th - Moon enters Aquarius 2:24 PM
Mercury ingress Sagittarius Thursday November 27th 9:27 PM
In order to get a lot of things done right now many actions may be required, these actions calling for effective communications. An ability to get around town effectively for example may be an asset right now. If one feels their freedoms are being taken away or they are being unnecessarily restricted they may experience emotional reactions related to their assumed rights. Dealing with the assumed identities of others may also occur. The feeling of freedom is perhaps different for different people yet there are some common paradigms and beliefs which individuals hold regarding what freedom means. The differences in what freedom means to specific individuals may be the root of emotional reactions which occur now as the Moon transits Aquarius. Also Aquarius energy is fired up right now and ideals of freedom are causing some to deliberately go after what they want. What they are going after however is dependant again on the paradigm from which freedom is defined. Leo as the relationship sign to Aquarius is significant during this Moon transit as Jupiter is currently transiting Leo. Leo self esteem is also measured by what one considers to be the absolute definition of freedom. Leaders for example can and do epitomize archetypes, archetypes which define social importance. It is Aquarius which facilitates the social domain in which this Leo energy is assumed to be real. The self esteem of an individual may resonate with the self esteem of another. Where there is a harmonic in self esteem and social freedom between individuals there will be interactions. What self importance means and what social freedom means may be called to be sorted out. When they are based on the same core belief the individual is able to enjoy their identity while being able to accept others. Typically such an individual will inspire others and thus, without a direct intention to do so, become a leader.

04 Friday November 28th - Moon enters Pisces 5:04 PM
The contrast between having boundaries and having no boundaries may play out now. Boundaries may have their value yet from some particular perspectives there are no boundaries. Pisces is currently being transited by planetary ruler Neptune, no boundaries is increasingly becoming a very real experience for all us. There has been as such a steady rise in compassion and humanitarianism which is global wide, a compassion which supersedes cultures and religions and many man made beliefs. The rise of wars and conflicts occurring globally right now are indications of the resistance to this compassion. More locally for the individual their concern over public importance can cause them to be confused about who they, referring to who they are as a feeling about self as opposed to a logical idea about self. An inability to discern one's own emotional energy from the emotional energy of others may challenge some individuals. The way to reduce this is to identify where external validation has been allowed to become dominate in defining one's happiness. Public reputation will be a big issue for many this Moon cycle and it is during this Moon in Pisces transit where the effect of this concern can cause an individual to be lost in emotional experiences which challenge their ability to be self aware. Ideally the individual will be well aware of their public value and not be consumed by the need to seek external validation as they move forward with their agenda.

05 Sunday November 30th - Moon enters Aries 8:15 PM
Urgency may be exaggerated. Inspired actions will be on the rise and yet the individual can also be feeling the need to be bold or aggressive as a reaction to some unsettled situation. As long as the individual is wise not to use aggression as a distraction this can be a good time to move an agenda forward. A way to discern what is constructive for the individuals's agenda is to follow the fun. If some action is not fun then it may be wise to back off and see if there is another avenue which can be taken. There is a potential that some will begin a long lasting project right now, assuming that the Moon in Aries assists gets one to crack the starting line and start actively moving on one's passion. Other alignments indicate what some may see as serious changes right now and with the Moon in Aries it may be the spark which starts a much bigger set of events. Things like crushing social collapses, calls for freedom now, prioritized boundaries around shared resources contracts and money, aggressive actions based on one's beliefs regarding their right to free expression, expectations that things be done on time, an expansion of one's light as a significant individual, all these things indicated now can lead to an impulsive action triggered by an Aries Moon. Again to discern actions, to know which choices and actions are leading one forward as opposed to acting as a sort of management of one's denial the individual simply looks for the joy and the inspiration which expands their energy and keeps them congruent and connected to all their life's dynamics.

06 Wednesday December 3rd - Moon enters Taurus 12:16 AM
Mars ingress Aquarius Thursday December 4th 6:58 PM
Some may aggressively tend to their responsibilities right now, especially if these responsibilities have to do with their security. A sudden change in plan can occur because one feels it will better facilitate their intended result. Since the new Moon on November 22nd the individual may have been wanting to focus their intentions on moving a particular plan forward. The Moon in Taurus may trigger such an individual to consider the effectiveness of the actions so far and prompt them to be clear and assertive with their plan. Accepting the need to take action is supported by a sense that the individual feels good about their ability to carry out tasks, the accomplishing of tasks serving as a testimonial of one's abilities. There may be an action that the individual believed that one day they must take and now this day has come. What supports actions now is the sense of pride in one's identity. The square between Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn shows us that community or world changes, events, could occur at any moment, this square has been in place for some time and will be with us through out this Moon cycle. The Taurus Moon transit indicates that a need for security can trigger one's feelings and yet this security will require a willingness to change the manner in which security is typically acquired. If one's security is connected to a community or social system which is being altered or going through some form of revolution right now then it is perhaps a good idea to accept these changes as opposed to counting on things returning to normal. Ideally the individual will be able to take several actions which have a common or connecting theme. Even more so is the manner in which team work and mutual effort assists individuals to achieve what they need individually yet is still mutually supportive, where all are able to increase both security and foundation.

07 Friday December 5th - Moon enters Gemini 5:29 AM
Full Moon in Gemini Saturday December 6th 7:28 AM
This is a good time to intend clear communications and to be mindful of what needs to be said and what does not. A lack of careful consideration before speaking may trigger emotional reactions. When talking it is nice to be concise. Some may have little patience for people who just like to talk. Ideally the actions and tasks indicated by the rise in Sagittarius influence will be extended to conversation and the sharing of information which is relevant to the actions and tasks. Scattered ideas may be fleshed out as taking action is more important than simply talking about it. The manner in which an individual can remain congruent will be indicated by effective communication. Mars now in Aquarius will also affect the manner in which actions are taken. A dynamic between an individual who's self assumed identity is not compatible with unexpected actions of another can also trigger emotional reactions. An ability to discover the beliefs which cause or correlate with the emotional reactions can assist the individual greatly as they become more effective with public matters or professional relations. Impulses to express freedom is amplified right now, those who feel their freedoms have been taken away can react suddenly. Those who are overly confident about their public role can have their situation disrupted by another who believes they have the right to act freely. Situations involving shared responsibilities can benefit by being able to talk about and then effectively identify and prioritize tasks.

08 Sunday December 7th - Moon enters Cancer 12:35 PM
Jupiter retrograde Monday December 8th 3:42 PM
A bigger meaning is realized. A bigger meaning related to what one has been working on, especially within a partnership, may be realized. As an effective partnership moves forward a challenge which involves accepting one's own personal vulnerability occurs. This can be a very powerful thing as vulnerability brings to the individual's attention a self belief or self understanding which is now poised to be evolved. The individual must be willing to admit something which has been until now not a necessary self acknowledgement. Communication may be very focused while at the same time being full of ideas which demand actions. The sensitivity of others as well as self can rise when the Moon transits Cancer. Personal emotional experiences can potentially combine with Sagittarius actions bringing big power to those who are able to allow their sensitivity to give them the intuitive scoop on what they are dealing with. Pluto in Capricorn will also be more relevant during the Cancer Moon ingress as the feeling of dealing with major social community or cultural type changes and in many cases the complete destruction of long existing social systems and their correlating paradigms. Ideally the individual will cultivate a sense of being safe while experiencing vulnerability, knowing where to create and maintain boundaries and when and where to let themselves flow with life's experiences.

09 Tuesday December 9th - Moon enters Leo 10:15 PM
Venus ingress Aquarius Wednesday December 10th 11:43 AM
An evaluation of one's recent increase in self confidence may begin during this Moon transit Leo period. The ideals which define self admiration can be questioned. In order to facilitate this questioning an event maybe required, some dynamic may trigger this line of self considering. The individual discovers a persona which is valuable to them as this character has a bent for public recognition. Propensity to self admiration will of course be somewhat unique for each individual yet the growing light of self acknowledgement which has been luminating recently, since mid summer, may somehow result in a personal discovery now. As always this personal experience will occur as it triggers feelings such as those associated with one's sense of vulnerability. For some the mind will be quicker and sharper for the next few days, at least for those who are actively getting out there and doing things. This can affect more active communication as well as spontaneous analytical assessments. Headaches can be a sign that someone is not moving on their passion. With Mars now in Aquarius, since December 4th, Leo influence can challenge an individual to not only act on one's own admirable quality, it can also challenge one to accept the result of another's actions related to increasing self admiration. As a typical theme always and especially during this Moon cycle, and amplified again in this Leo Moon transit, the individual is wise to tag external validation and to bring this into reasonable proportion with their relationships and most notable their public interactions.

10 Friday December 12th - Moon enters Virgo 10:20 AM
Someone's big ideas may dominate conversation and logic today. The questioning of logic can occur whenever the Moon enters Virgo and here as well we have a particularly exaggerated Sagittarius influence bringing attention to one's notoriety. How important an individual believes they are relative to public popularity can potentially grow beyond their typical identity perimeter. Their logic becoming the extension of this concern can block out other apparently lesser important dynamics. The way an individual speaks will indicate where they believe they fit in either publicly or professionally if they are indeed concerned with this sort of identity. Self importance works nicely when it is completely free from the need to have it externally validated. Logic may be calling some out however and if they want recognition they must use better logic or design their strategy more precisely, or so it seems. Also some become recognized because of their ability to show and speak with confidence, their trust and integrity influencing and inspiring others. Leadership quality can rise and be identified by those who are inspired by them. The Moons recent Leo transit, December 9th, can linger on in some and their perceived idea of what being an importance individual means can dominate their rationalizing. There is a certain level of seriousness in the air as well and this extends beyond this current Moon in Virgo transit. The Virgo Moon can cause some to question their logic on some important matter. The idea or motivation is to get one's head out of the clouds and be real. Many individual's sense of importance combines with their vision and purpose in ways which seem practical to them. Mars in Aquarius and Uranus in Aries indicates expressions of freedom as if freedom is a natural right. If there are difficulties occurring due to such freedom expression then the individual must pay attention to their beliefs which define their sense of responsibility and trust.

11 Sunday December 14th - Moon enters Libra 11:06 PM
Mercury ingress Capricorn Tuesday December 16th 10:54 PM
Ideals defining one's special qualities can for some be quite exaggerated right now. This may have started a day or two ago and continues now. The difference now, as the Moon enters Libra, is that the individual will be emotionally sent to their feelings about harmony in their current relationships. How does one's self admiration, or exaggerated lack of it, fit into their current dynamic relationships? Those who see themselves as leaders, or who the public accepts as leaders, will be especially illuminated during this time, since December 12th and on through this Moon in Libra period. Emotional reactions now will most likely be related to the balance in a relationship and this can mean acceptance of one's partner and ownership of one's own issues. A major theme in place from February 18th 2014 to November 12 2015 is seeking a personal stance which both honors and accepts one's individuality while at the same time allowing their relationships to reflect back to them their own self identity. With Mars in Aquarius an individual may be required to accept the sense of freedom their partner is demonstrating by the action this partner takes. An area where partners can link up harmonious right now is in their shared agenda where the final target is mutually accepted. A grand achievement may be in the works for those who are diligent and prudent with their actions in a shared way.

12 Wednesday December 17th - Moon enters Scorpio 9:53 AM
Saturn's Scorpio transit will soon be complete, Dec 23rd. With the Moon making a Scorpio transit the dynamics connected to this major transit will be again charged. As Saturn move's through the final degrees of Scorpio the processes and correlating specific events which parallel this transit can return for the individual such that the final dynamics can occur. As we are close to the Sagittarius ingress for Saturn things involving contracts and shared values and who is in charge and affected by such has likely for many already been occurring. We have been experiencing much fire energy lately, you could say since June 2010 when Uranus made the Aries ingress, and it is especially high now with this Sagittarius Moon cycle. The current dynamic between either doing things independently or doing things in a partnership, or some type of relationship, is indicated. The matter of sorting out ownership may seemed to be forced upon some and decisions about who is the owner or who is to be responsible for something of practical value may also be occurring. An opportunity to be in harmony with others may have occurred, or may be occurring, as a need to create boundaries, establish limitations, time frames, involves others. The necessity to do such things with others will most likely be cast upon those who have had a history of going it alone. The Moon's north node transiting Libra indicates that this is a time to relax the solo effort and to embrace the team method. As such it is like a call to realize that one's individuality is safe and even evolving because they are choosing to allow and accept another. It may be accepting assistance, giving assistance, or some manner of planning a project which involves others.

13 Friday December 19th - Moon enters Sagittarius 4:56 PM
Sun ingress Capricorn Sunday December 21st 6:04 PM
Uranus direct Sunday December 21st 5:46 PM
The return of the Moon to Sagittarius brings the individual to sort of a emotional summery. The events and their correlating processes which began on the new Moon November 22nd and followed a complete zodiac cycle can now begin to be integrated as a whole or complete experience. The rather unusual and unique character to this Moon cycle is the Sun's late Capricorn ingress which does not occur until moments before the new next new Moon in Capricorn. For some this Moon cycle may have been a move forward in career, or in social or public connections. Perhaps an increase in activities which brought the individual to the public and vise versa in an expanded way. The individual's sense of identity may have been created or evolved, or perhaps shattered and rebuilt. As the Moon returns to Sagittarius now how does the individual feel about the things, the choices, the actions, they have taken since November 22nd? In some way the individual may have internally reconstructed their identity and this would include who they believe they are relative to their public experiences. This dynamic, one's expanding sense of identity, will be either supported by or challenged by the compatibility of those who are boldly expressing their social freedom, at least while Mars continues to transit Aquarius. Mars transits Aquarius from December 4th to January 12th 2015.

14 Sunday December 21st - Moon enters Capricorn 8:26 PM
It takes only eleven minutes after the Moon's Capricorn ingress for the new Moon to follow. The significance of both Pluto in Capricorn and Saturn will rise during this Capricorn Moon cycle. Pluto will continue in a square configuration with Uranus in Aries during this Moon cycle. Sudden changes as in possible collapses to long time public institutions can occur. The need to break free from apparent social chains will continue to highlight the concerns of many world wide. How authority is understood and either accepted or rejected will change gears this Moon cycle as indicated by Saturn's Sagittarius ingress. The rules about public reputation will be reviewed critiqued and altered to suit whoever seems to be most influential. It is interesting that the Capricorn Moon cycle will host Capricorn's ruling planet's significant ingress. Saturn will transit Sagittarius until December 2017. The breaking down of older social systems will be extensive and widely covered, this can be government run services or programs, religious institutions and their manner of infrastructure and management, economic models, all culturally influenced management models and so on. It is Saturn's Sagittarius influence which will characterize how many will rush in and begin taking many actions all of which are in some way responding to these major public and social changes.

Next new Moon is in Capricorn Sunday December 21st 8:37 PM EST


Sample Intentions for
New Moon Sagittarius
Saturday November 22nd 7:33 AM EST
  1. I feel the importance of respecting and acknowledging my connection with both the physical and spiritual realms.
  2. I am both excited and focused on my current project.
  3. I have a clear mind because I am able to remain focused on what is best for my partner and myself.
  4. I have been able to get going on projects which in the past were challenging to sustain.
  5. When necessary I focus clearly on what to say and what not to say.
  6. I am realistic about how many things I can do at the same time.
  7. I enjoy working with others.
  8. I am able to make progress because I have a clearly defined plan.
  9. I have drawn up a time line which clearly identifies the tasks I will attend to.
  10. Whether or not someone is inspired by my actions or the actions of others is their business.
  11. My enjoyable public experiences are supported by my integrity and self responsibility.
  12. My ability to accept and admit my mistakes testifies to my evolving self esteem.
  13. As I imagine what it is like to be apart of something really wonderful I increase the potential of it's manifestation.
  14. My self esteem is supported by community involvement.
  15. My partner and I focus on what we have in common.
  16. When I trust my feelings I am lead to valuable insights.
  17. I am guided by the things that inspire me.
  18. I feel the need to be practical and know when to yield to particular circumstances.
  19. I like working in partnerships and I like the adventure that partnerships allow me to experience.
  20. I feel good doing things for others because I am able to do so within a clearly understood boundary.
  21. I can feel the future me guiding me now as I respond to inspiration and impulse.

Soulstar Astrology Appointments

For those interested in personal astrology readings it is important to note that Soulstar Astrology readings are based on the belief that you create your own reality. As such our experiences and most especially our difficulties can be framed as opportunities to evolve toward one's higher plan. As humanity has, in the last several years and continuing now, been going through identity discernment a questioning as to where one is headed and who the self is that is headed there may occur. The understanding of a particular identity will be connected to particular astro alignments and planetary placement. Personal astrology charts show us how things are connected from a vaster perspective. Knowing these connections and perspectives opens the door for more choices. Astrology works well with dates and so consider keeping a record or make a note of some specific date or time frame in which some major dynamic has occurred.

Astrology readings are typically recorded to either CD or tape. If you are interested in setting a date for a session or would like to inquire further feel free to call or check out the web site.

For more information about Soulstar Astrology readings follow this link.

William Oulton
November 21st 2014

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