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New Moon Aries
Monday March 27th 10:58 PM 2017 EST

Pathfinder Report is a new Moon Astrology report intended to assist in advancing personal significance, equality, and sovereignty through self observation and admission. The report assumes "you create your own reality" an unequivocal fact, at times referred to as "the perfection premise".

New Moon Data
(all dates and times EST)

New Moon in Aries Monday March 27th 10:58 PM 2017 EST
Mercury ingress Taurus Friday March 31st 1:32 PM
Saturn retrograde Thursday April 6th 1:07 AM
Mercury retrograde Sunday April 8th 7:15 PM
Full Moon in Libra Tuesday April 11th 2:09 AM
Venus direct in Pisces Saturday April 15th 6:19 AM
Sun ingress Taurus Wednesday April 19th 5:28 PM
Mercury retrograde ingress Aries Thursday April 20th 1:38 PM
Pluto retrograde in Capricorn Thursday April 20th 8:50 AM
Mars ingress Gemini Friday April 21st 6:33 AM
Jupiter retrograde in Libra throughout cycle
Next new Moon in Taurus Wednesday April 26th 8:17 AM EST

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New Moon Chart for Monday March 27th 10:58 PM 2017

Astrological alignments in place at the moment of the new Moon
Jupiter retrograde (Libra) square Pluto (Capricorn)
Mercury (Aries) semi-sextile Chiron (Pisces)
Venus retrograde (Aries) semi-sextile Moon's south node (Pisces)
Mars (Taurus) conjunct Juno (Taurus)
Mars (Taurus) sextile Neptune (Pisces)
Juno (Taurus) sextile Neptune (Pisces)


New Moon in Aries
Monday March 27th 10:58 PM 2017 EST

What makes the typical Aries new Moon cycle interesting is that it is the first new Moon since the Vernal Equinox. Any new agendas formulating since the Vernal Equinox will take shape. Aries ruling planet Mars in Taurus conjunct Juno indicates working with a partner or perspective partner. The physical effort made may well be to signal from one individual to another that they are interested in partnership. Retrograde Venus also in Aries indicates possible an attraction, perhaps romantic in nature, to those who are brave and not afraid to step up and make a physical effort. As typical the preceding new Moon cycle in Pisces can be nebulous where an agenda is difficult to ground and establish. But the Aries new Moon begins with a sense of clarity in that the nebulous quality of the recent Moon cycle is quickly let go of and actions begin. Uranus and Mercury are close to conjunction in Aries. The mind of many will fired up and buzzing as an inspired feeling to get going floods their mind with multiple ideas. The Taurus influence will want things to be kept simple. It is a good idea not to overly complicate one's actions, a steady effective pace is the hallmark of Taurus and so with Juno in Taurus perhaps the best way to impress a perspective partner is to be effective consistent yet do not rush, besides that is likely the safest as well. Neptune in it's home sign Pisces is at the same degree as Mars in Taurus. A religious and spiritual inspiration may be inspiring one to take action. As some individual's will feel an extraordinary connection with their higher self and feel as if they are evolving their awareness in some way through the actions they are taking. I's as if they are working side by side with Spirit. Jupiter continues to transit opposite zodiac sigh Libra, this combined with previously mentioned partnership dynamics again indicate the possible change in a partnership. If an individual is able to accept their partnership for what is has allowed them to experience they can begin to create a new foundation which many correlate with the new agenda they share. A square between Jupiter in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn looks quite daunting. Pluto as outside the Saturn domain in our solar system is not limited to Saturn rules. The fleshing out of limiting understanding in partnerships can occur yet the individual must be astute and ask themselves why they are creating the relationship dynamic they find them selves involved with. For individuals to comprehend the effect of this square they must in some way be already aware of the fiefdom or fake realities which been setup for society. For some individual's it is their experience that these fiefdom's are real as purported by typical say main stream news. They will not necessarily see the interference to their relationship as based on covert hidden for example. Yet those who are aware will see changes in how they share energy and harmonize with others as necessary adjustments as the fake worlds continue to collapse and reform.

Reacting impulsively and unpredictable is appealing to some? Ideas about social rights and social freedom track directly to reaction, in some cases this can cause confrontation. The impulsive self is a valuable and productive part of one's character if that individual has a congruent sense of self. A congruent sense of self means the individual is aware thought creates and as such is able to unify their identity around their creative power. There is less authority given to external causes which seem to impinge upon their will. They instead know they are in some way drawing experiences to them. As such their answer to a question or reason behind an event is first considered from the perspective as to how and why they are creating it. This type of reasoning unifies the individuals sense of self, their impulses are congruent relative to it. Else an individual who places their authority outside themselves acts as if they are in some way powerless and so their immediate impulse is to react relative to this assumed powerlessness. Many difficulties or potential challenges can be lessened or eliminated if the individual would simple intend consciously that their waking day be pleasant and save, free of conflict. The new Moon in Aries is like a setup to test an individuals composure as their impulsive spontaneous self is triggered. Relationships maybe challenged to accept certain unstoppable changes going on within social and public realms, many of these changes are ongoing and dynamic with many repercussions. Relationships where the individuals involved are agreed that they must accept and deal with an enviable change will do them well yet it will require clear consideration as an evolved maturity has them accepting what is occurring. Events are not mere chance or happenstance but are extension of intentions.


With this Moon cycle beginning in Aries the focus will be on the impulsive aspect of self. The current report, including the fourteen period cycle below, is scripted from the perspective of experiencing and witnessing how one goes after things. How an individual responds with action implies beliefs which are integrated within the individual. These actions reveal the presence of beliefs which are more foundational than what the same individual may assume or claim to believe, as in "actions speak louder than words". An evolution of self awareness occurs as the nature of one's courage becomes known. Those born under the Sun sign Aries have a natural propensity to be immediate as desire and ambition is expedited through impulse. They naturally and easily respond to their impulsive self. Not to exclude others as we all have Aries somewhere in our personal astrology charts, the following is a simplified list intended to indicate where each Sun sign would access Aries propensity for action and courage. There are many accents in each personal astrology chart where an individual's energy will be characterized by an apparent alternate Sun sign, as in being their Moon sign. In these cases there may be personal alignments which support a deviation of one's will from their highest order. The intention here is to clarify the basic inclination that an individual has to harmoniously and effectively go after things by being specific to each Sun sign and thus create added meaning to the content of the report. These can also serve as healthy intentions.

    I experience courageous action ...
  • Pisces: when paying attention to what I experience immediately around me and servicing my immediate needs.
  • Aquarius: when I listen objectively to others and am clear with what it is I am to communicate.
  • Capricorn: by observing and accepting my feeling responses which are related to my agenda.
  • Sagittarius: by following my intentions to have a good time when involved with others.
  • Scorpio: whenever I embrace my responsibilities.
  • Libra: when I am in a partnership which shares an agenda.
  • Virgo: when I feel the power of what a harmonious partnerships can lead to.
  • Leo: when I expand my world by adventuring into fresh new territory.
  • Cancer: when I move on my ambition and desire to be of value to others though my work.
  • Gemini: when I associate with others, either friends or the public.
  • Taurus: when I fill my thinking concepts with emotional truth and extend my awareness out beyond mental boundaries.


The Birthdays section is a list of birthdays which are being strongly affected by current astrological alignments. If a birthday is not listed here it doesn't mean that a person is not experiencing significant astrological influences which are dynamically paralleling life changes. After all we are experiencing tremendous Earth changes now, nobody is excluded. The people who do have these birth dates are being strongly influenced now and are likely experiencing life altering dynamics. In some cases great opportunities are occurring and in others great challenges are brought forward. Since all challenges can be re-framed as opportunities all those who have these birthdays are experiencing great live changing opportunities. If a birthday is just a day or so previous to the listed date then the person has recently experienced a major change. Due to the retrograde nature of transiting planets the change is not necessarily complete, it may return. If a birthday follows a date listed the person will soon experience a major change. Again due to the retrograde nature of transiting planets the person may have already begun a major change which seems to have backed off, and will most definitely return.

  • January 9th & 10th
  • March 3rd & 4th
  • March 16th & 17th
  • April 13th & 14th
  • June 18th & 19th
  • July 11th
  • September 5th & 6th
  • September 18th, 19th & 20th
  • October 17th & 18th
  • December 19th


To get a more complete or expanded feeling of this Moon cycle consider reading through the fourteen descriptions which follow. Many themes are included here and although relevant to the particular Moon phase and period are also relevant to the entire Moon cycle.

Fourteen Period Format

The Pathfinder Report follows the Moon through fourteen periods in 29 days beginning on the new Moon. The Fourteen periods, or phases, follow the Moon's journey through the entire Moon cycle. Each period will have a particular flavor or tone and is interpreted here as a unique opportunity. The first period begins at the moment of new Moon and continues until the Moon's first ingress. The Moon will ingress into the next zodiac sign thirteen times yielding fourteen unique periods. A theme unique to the complete Moon cycle is also included. As each individual's journey and process is a unique personal adventure this report is to be considered a generalization. In some cases example scenarios are given to assist in providing clarity as to how specific astro alignments may be experienced.

29 Day Moon Calendar

Use the above link to access a current Moon cycle calendar. Each Moon ingress is indicated with date and time. The following fourteen descriptions are relevant to the Moon's cycle through the zodiac. If you are visiting this link prior to the new Moon moment you will have to follow the link "next 29 day Moon cycle". The "29 Day Moon Calendar" page updates automatically on the new Moon.

01 Monday March 27th 10:58 PM EST - new Moon in Aries
Many will sense this as the time to take action. Partnerships which began or were expanded upon in some way within the last year may be challenged now as the individual will seek independence and act independently. If the partnership was in harmony to these independent actions then the opposite would occur and the partnership will develop further. There is a danger or problem if the partnership was build around an agreed take on social understanding. There is a crushing of social systems and their correlating infrastructure which is occurring. If the partnership was proceeding on the assumption that there was a firm presence in terms of social backdrop or public system which the partnership was dependant upon and this notion or social idea is not as real as was assumed the individual within he partnership can begin to act independently. With Mars in Taurus at the new Moon many may feel physically stronger, some will feel more accepting of physical effort, some will use a physical approach to attain their desire. Being able to expedite one's desires via physical effort may be appealing to some as well, an appreciation for being physically active can color a romantic relationship. Religious beliefs which lead to some physical action can also be tied into romantic type relationships. This is one of the last two new Moon cycles which will occur during the Moon's north node transit of Virgo. As this is an Aries Moon cycle we will likely see those who go after what they want in order to show themselves they are correct about something. This nodal axis transit is fleshing out what is real and what is not and will end on May 9th. For now however there remains a sorting out of what is delusional and what is practical. Ideally the individual will prioritize their health and pay attention to how their body reacts to their beliefs and feelings concerning who they believe themselves to be.

02 Wednesday March 29th - Moon enters Taurus 11:49 AM
Physical effort can lead to a sense of satisfaction in a few different ways. It can bring one to a bond or at the very least get attention from their partner, or want to be partner. It can be an effort toward assisting another, perhaps a family member, for someone a sense of parental guardianship is directed to. Or it can bring one a sense of comfort in that they are taking action toward creating security. With this being an Aries Moon cycle and ruling planet Mars currently transiting Taurus what occurs, the actions one takes now, could very well determine the quality of accomplishment or insight one acquires throughout the remainder of this Moon cycle. Actions taken now can be effective simply because the territory in which they are performed is well know, this may be the case. The reason why one is able to get a move on and take real action regarding their agenda or interest is because they are familiar with the local scene. If however one is not familiar with the terrain then they will be limited in their effectiveness and their action. This means simplicity will be fleshed out, an unforeseen or unnecessary complication can occur. Whatever action or physical efforts one is taking now, they will feel in the flow when they are familiar with or they have done a similar thing before. There is an interest in doing this independently and one may be impulsive as they take the steps toward action however again the individual may be exposing to themselves their own assumptions as to how prepared they are. Ideally the individual will be supported by their foundational simplicity and the correlating familiarity or at the very least be given experiences which will lead to this foundational security, which will serve them the next time.

03 Friday March 31st - Moon enters Gemini 12:41 PM
Mercury ingress Taurus Friday March 31st 1:32 PM
Ideas words conversation quickly become the focus. However the spontaneous nature of the mind will also quickly settle down into what the individual believes to be a more practical look at whatever specific concern being processed. Some will be inclined to describe or explain the nature of their physical actions or outline their activities. A need to communicate clearly about what one needs to do can become a prime importance. Whatever one has thought they were going to do independently, they may now begin to realize they will need to, in some way, involve others. Granted this involvement may be slight and less critical than their own it still remains and so they must communicate with another. Some may have to deal with another's practical take on a situation and so a look at boundaries can come into play, perhaps dominating conversation. Those who feel comfortable and on track will easily let the past go and simple cut to the chase stating their intentions and current requirements. Others may feel offended that their interest seem obviously second in importance as they feel the priority of others. Either way it is neither here nor there as the individual who is aware thought creates will spend less time in states of worry conerning who is in control as they know they create their experience and so any words are to be the extension of energy in motion and thoughts in the act of being manifested.

04 Sunday April 2nd - Moon enters Cancer 2:28 PM
A sudden need to deal with personal matters can occur. This may involve domestic things and those things which happen within family or in the home yet not limited to this. An opportunity exists to look on the bright side, to discover or become clear about who oneself is. Self discovery occurs as one deals with their vulnerability. Ideas about self and identity are nice yet the ramifications connected to assuming a particular identity may well have a deeper root. There is also a leap or rise in creativity, ideas can seem to be born from nowhere as the individual discovers new things which can augment their interest or add to their desire to obtain a certain position or experience. This creativity is available once an individual is okay with their sensitivity and vulnerability. The even greater opportunity when one's sensitivity and vulnerability rise is for the individual to connect with their spiritual self. The spiritual self is connected with the emotional body and so when the individual is triggered to feel something they may actually be fleshing out their ability to align to their spiritual body and spiritual truth. Knowing this can assist an individual who otherwise would be experiencing emotional overwhelm. The rise in creativity epitomized by one's sensitivity can be seen as an awakening to one's own self awareness. The current dynamics and perhaps challenges these days, speaking of a fifteen year window here, which we are approximate in the middle of, is to come to terms with and make sense of a world who's basic underling structure is dramatically changing. The systems and infrastructure with run or facilitate the running of all social groups and cultures, governments, you name it, include hidden secret stuff as well, is under an unstoppable revolutionary change. As this external world dynamically changes to what will eventually be a new normal, we are not there yet, the individual in the meantime releases blockages which have limited self knowing and now begins to discover, via sensitivity, a much truer version of self.

05 Tuesday April 4th - Moon enters Leo 6:14 PM
Saturn retrograde Thursday April 6th 1:07 AM
A partnership can generate great power in a physically effective way. The individual's involved would each be complementing and reflecting each other and carry a common harmonic which places them in the same energy experience. This translates to an effective physical power. An opportunity for example to build a house or to clear land, something which can provide mutually beneficial security would be involved. This could also apply to basic fundamental projects. A need to understand one's significance can play out this Moon transit as well. A sense of pride or nobility can be behind emotional triggers. The need to understand accomplishment in terms of recognition or perhaps public respect can also become an issue rather quickly. Significant accomplishment or the lack of it will be the measuring stick for the social or public importance of some individual's. Ideally the individual will see beyond the trappings of external validation and this manner of measuring significance will dissolve. An inspirational quality within the individual will supersede concerns of public validation and prompt the individual to follow their joy and involvement of life. A willingness to let the past fade may be required. As things in our world change the passing trends and avenues by which significance is or was determined will become increasing less prominent. A new vision and dream for the future is made room for when the old now redundant manifestations are allowed to recede. We can also include the notions and beliefs which would define what is real and what is not. What was once considered important and real just very recently, only a few years ago, is quickly becoming passe. Those who are respectful of the past yet driven by their inspired vision for the future can at this time connect with their impulsive spontaneous self and follow their joy as they ride upon a new tide of construction and invention literally building the future.

06 Friday April 7th - Moon enters Virgo 12:21 AM
Mercury retrograde Sunday April 8th 7:15 PM
This is an important Moon transit as it will trigger attention to the details of one's responsibilities. This will specifically connected to realization where the individual is now accepting and aware that the world they thought they knew is really a miss conception. In some way they now see they were caught in some massive delusion. To the extend that this is true this Moon transit offers a detailed look at what is the most immediate concern in terms of making a significant correction. Ideally the individual will look for emotional parallels and discover an underlining process which is a sort of common denominator between apparent isolated events. Once this occurs the individual will begin to feel a spiritual self in these events and in their future events. This growing awareness will help to simplify one's life greatly as they begin to construct fundamental basic formulas for navigating experiences where in the past they may have felt overwhelmed by endless details. The Moon in Virgo will do this, trigger the emotional reactions due to too many details, details now perhaps seen as an unnecessary over complication.

07 Sunday April 9th - Moon enters Libra 8:35 AM
Full Moon in Libra Tuesday April 11th 2:09 AM
Dealing with recently formed partnerships can cause one to examine what they were expecting? This can also include ongoing partnerships yet with Jupiter transiting Libra they may have been new partnerships setup since last summer. What one has in common with another may have been obliviously assumed and yet things in common not initially known can become apparent in many cases saving the day. Ideally individuals will realize their partnerships are magical reflections of themselves. As such it is always valuable for individuals who feel challenged by a partnership experience to examine themselves in terms of what they are noticing about their partner. A connection with or an affiliation with a specific paradigm may be necessary to uncover as the paradigm is not as absolute as was obliviously assumed in the past. Where individuals meet could be such a false reality yet the real kicker may be the differences in these delusions as opposed to the similarities. As the cat gets let out of the bag more information about what is real, or what is significant, comes forward giving individuals a bigger picture. From this advanced panorama new choices and freedom can be realized. Ultimately the individual will realize they are independent in ways not typically known to them and yet dependant in that their relationships show them where they are not as unique as they assumed they were. Uniqueness remains yet it is the ability to see beyond admitted delusions and to be objectively critical which most likely will reveal details previously glossed over.

08 Tuesday April 11th - Moon enters Scorpio 6:43 PM
The Moon in Scorpio indicates a deeper look into what controls one's experiences. Discerning the value of things and questioning appropriate actions and rules can fuel or justify the need for a deeper look. Instead of just throwing things away opportunities to see and gain a value from these things can occur. Yet this must in someway be supported by the individual who is able to see the value, or perhaps realism, in turning failure into opportunity. The notion of having wasted one's time can be a good example. Or valuing the journey is another. Inspired and excited by the journey, as opposed to the end result, can cause one to feel and engage the process they are aligning to as opposed to being overly focused on the end result. What happens in the future need not be a constant distraction for what is occurring now. There are many changes occurring to reality as many have come to know it, reality that is. A new real, is it upon us? New perspectives and more specifically feeling the emotional parallels between apparent separate things or events can elevate an individual to a new wisdom. There is an attraction to compassion, or perhaps empathy, right now which can lead to a fixing or healing. Making sense of one's ongoing emotional feeling, even distress, is possible when a bigger picture or vision is noticed. Rules which directly or indirectly call for prudence on selecting which activities to service and which to leave can become an issue. Discerning which actions or plans to follow can also be connected to insight regarding the healing or fixing of some emotional state.

09 Friday April 14th - Moon enters Sagittarius 6:28 AM
Venus direct in Pisces Saturday April 15th 6:19 AM
Playing by the rules may have been accepted and established yet a breaking free from what now feels like domination can occur. Domination may be in the form of the rules of another, or one's own. As well these rules may be connected to one's professional reputation in some way. This can also manifest as a feeling that one needs to get ahead professionally and so they impulsively take an action which is seen by others, and them self as well, as quite unexpected. Making sense of old laws or rules can also be underway as people are taking to the business of decoding the value of these rules. Guidelines are guidelines meant to assist not rule one's every choice and so this sense of moving on one's sense of natural freedom can be reasoned and acted upon. Relations and partnerships meant to expedite a plan or agenda can come into question, both plan and also the partnership now reconsidered. A feeling that a partnership is not panning out the initially assumed way can be the reason behind some quick reaction. In the bigger picture individual's are being shown the folly of their beliefs and of their sense as to what is considered real. Fantasy has it's value yet it can be quickly superseded by things like, immediate survival issues or by the state of one's health. There is also an indication of cooperation between the physical action one takes and the feeling of empathy one can have for others. It is possible the sudden action one takes can be in regard to this type of consideration as opposed to being connected solely with reputation type concerns.

10 Sunday April 16th - Moon enters Capricorn 7:06 PM
Powerful forces are at work. A showdown if you will is occurring on big levels. Those who believe they are in control are in the process or realizing they are not and it is causing reactions. Long held beliefs of being the epitimty of control is being busted. Many are coming forward with abilities strength and power which is essentially somewhat non-stoppable. The idea and definition of who's who will in someway play out for every individual. There are parallels where local social systems and or known and unknown elites are being challenged. As unique individuals this same dynamic has it's version playing out in a parallel fashion. A strong desire can quickly manifest which leads to an action. This can be a sudden aggressive action. Specifically this action is based on a rule which was in place before today, a rule that was established from possible as far back as a year and a half ago. Suddenly now action is taken based on this previously established rule. The "rule" is likely based on someone's plan to be publicly or professional important. Since the idea or concern of what qualifies the importance of the rule is changing, the action may not have the expected result. The long and short is rules are acted upon only to reveal the redundancy or inefficiency of the rule, and even bigger the redundancy of the belief and paradigm to which the rule is qualified. So this is the nature of both failing social power and new established social power. It's as if there is a major revolution going in terms of how societies structure their systems to facilitate their interactions. The individual would do well to examine their beliefs about authority, where is their own authority or that of another placed. Be clear as to what is working and what is failing. What feels like inappropriate control as opposed to things which actually have an obvious value. Much about authority is up in the air, changing right now, and yet many have trouble simple admitting this. Those who can will begin to see a bigger picture and if appropriate reduce any panic which may exist, and as well avail themselves to more choices in the moment.

11 Wednesday April 19th - Moon enters Aquarius 6:53 AM
Sun ingress Taurus Wednesday April 19th 5:28 PM
Pluto retrograde in Capricorn Thursday April 20th 8:50 AM
Mercury retrograde ingress Aries Thursday April 20th 1:38 PM
Mars ingress Gemini Friday April 21st 6:33 AM
Dealing with social issues can seem to settle one's otherwise active mind. As the Sun makes the Taurus ingress our connection with what causes us to feel safe and secure is called upon to show itself to us. Some may begin to feel a wonderful and even magical connection with the Earth. As the Moon transits Aquarius we can feel our connection with the Earth and all Earth creatures as a grand social club, the greatest social club of all! Yet a bit down the road however good to mention now is the Moon's north node progressing into Leo on May 9th. This is mentioned now because we may feel bounded by social issues or some social belief. After May 9th and running eighteen months will be an extended challenge to deal with just this, social issues. This now can be a bit of a preamble. The Moon's Aquarius transit can have people feeling the strain of social significance. As always the individual can trust their emotions and follow these feeling and locate within themselves the belief about who they are socially. And to follow this to the identity to who they assume themselves to be as qualified by this social belief. Who or what defines social significance will most likely be at the root of this anxiety. The need to feel free and act accordingly to what one feels is their choice as opposed to what they are supported to do, this is also a highly charged passion. It has been and continues to be a big influence on our entire world population as indicated by Aquarius ruling planet Uranus transiting Aries (March 2011- May 2018).

12 Friday April 21st - Moon enters Pisces 3:44 PM
The last year and a half has many people dealing with their personal version as to what has been assumed to be real. With no boarders the delusions are free to flood in. Well this last year and a half has been presenting many with opportunity after opportunity to rehash what they assume to be real, to make choices as to what is considered to be absolute. After May 9th the loss of these boundaries will recede and there will no doubt be a new type of challenge to deal with. However for now it is to be honest and clear with one's self as to what is real and was given authority for being real and absolute yet was not. The big player here, the thing that gets everyone's undivided attention is their health. Once an individual experiences a health issue depending on the severity, they will they must drop everything else and make this a priority, fleshing out delusions of reality as the order of the day. Just because something is a delusion doesn't mean it has no value, it is only when it is being used as a distraction that it becomes dangerous. These distractions date back to many years, they are not necessarily recent. It is recent that they are being sent to the forefront of one's attention to be desalt with yet they could date back to childhood. Once a clarity comes forward for the individual regarding the folly of over valuing fantasy they make a special space within themselves where they can begin to resonate with their spiritual self, feel a fresh goodness filling them up.

13 Sunday April 23rd - Moon enters Aries 8:34 PM
Having heard particular rules and plans before from the voice of reason is like an echo from the recent past. Feeling that one needs to remain independent as a priority can return for some today. Independence means not accepting the reality or conclusions of others, or feeling the need to express and act on one's individual inspiration as opposed to being a copy of another's agenda. This Moon cycle in Aries may have assisted the individual in realizing they are indeed an individual first. Knowing this that we are individuals first we can still choose to support and be apart of others plan without feeling threatened. Now that the Sun has made a Taurus ingress, Wednesday April 19th, we will experience our independence more likely from the sense of being responsible for our own security. A trine between retrogrades Mercury and Saturn in fire signs accompanies the Moon's Aries ingress indicating, a need to be clear about the action one has already agreed to and to restate this within a team if necessary. Jupiter in it's year long transit of Libra will also indicate interaction with others. This time a need to realize one had made a commitment with another may have to be considered. In one's independence they choose to honor a partnership commitment? Jupiter is also retrograde so this again is a past partnership dynamic returning such that clarity and action can be made. Mars, now in Gemini, and not retrograde, indicates some will be impulsively vocal, more than they typically would. Possible the biggest thing to take from this Moon in Aries transit, and perhaps this Aries Moon cycle, is to see how one has accepted particular beliefs about reality, about society, about social systems, and their correlating infrastructures, and consider the validity of these beliefs. The Moon's north node will soon ingress Leo, May 9th, and until then a matter of being clear as to what is really real and what is fake will continue to dog many.

14 Tuesday April 25th - Moon enters Taurus 9:57 PM
Unusual or unexpected statements can occur, things are said unexpectedly. If some strange things do get said a follow up may be triggered or inspired where simple basic understanding is focused on such that this unexpected idea can be made sense of it. A need or inclination to keep things simple in how one speaks is also present. The way to make something practical or to allow an idea to be of value the basic fundamental concept of that idea will be looked into. Some will be brilliant yet will be impulsive and spontaneous in how they speak. Rules of the game, whatever game an individual is involved with, may be reiterated, or some one may not seem to be playing by the rules, or someone may be playing by old rules which they seem unaware are now redundant. The game could be the need to be respected or acknowledged at work, to be successful at one's job or profession, to be focused and clear with the public when socializing. An ongoing desire to seek clarity as to how one's religious or spiritual beliefs fit into their day to day affairs can cause one to question rules which they are expected to follow at work or when dealing with the public. This could also be the questioning of rules by the so called leader or authority of the religious or spiritual belief. It can lead to a resolution of beliefs in this area if the individual involved can trust their feelings and their sense of humanity and allow some old authorities to simple fade as new ideas inspire their own unique evolution of awareness.

Next new Moon in Wednesday April 26th 8:17 AM EST


Sample Intentions for
New Moon Aries
Monday March 27th 10:58 PM 2017 EST
  1. My spontaneous incites and realizations are increasing.
  2. I earn my independence by being responsible for myself.
  3. The Earth loves me and I love her back.
  4. I can feel the comfort of being an Earth being.
  5. I assist my family and loved ones at feeling and connecting to their foundational security, the Earth.
  6. Even though at times I say unexpected things the things I do say are congruent with my core understandings and beliefs.
  7. I honor and respect my own vulnerability and sensitivity.
  8. I enjoy the idea of who I am, the gifts to which I have been endowed.
  9. My impeccable self respect is grander than my involvement in public and social events.
  10. I am inspired by new ideas concerning my own unique evolution of awareness.
  11. This is a good time for me to focus on my health and identify fantasy which causes me to lose track of my well being.
  12. I am spontaneously discovering incites into improving my health.
  13. I understand that my partnerships are showing me something about myself I would not typically notice.
  14. My natural affiliation with life and planet Earth is to share and be apart of a global family.
  15. Even though I work for others and am directed by others in reality I am my own boss.
  16. I allow authorities to play out their drama and stay clear when it absolutely does not involve me.
  17. I am aware the infrastructure on the planet hidden and known governments, religions, cultures, all of it, remains under extreme revolution.
  18. My identity is not defined solely by my friendships.
  19. Even though it is as if I can feel the pain of others I an able to discern what is my specific responsibility and what is not.
  20. By making intentions before falling asleep I can lucid dream.
  21. My health is typically my most important priority.

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For those interested in personal astrology readings it is important to note that Soulstar Astrology readings are based on the belief that you create your own reality. As such our experiences and most especially our difficulties can be framed as opportunities to evolve toward one's higher plan. As humanity has, in the last several years and continuing now, been going through identity discernment a questioning as to where one is headed and who the self is that is headed there may occur. The understanding of a particular identity will be connected to particular astro alignments and planetary placement. Personal astrology charts show us how things are connected from a vaster perspective. Knowing these connections and perspectives opens the door for more choices. Astrology works well with dates and so consider keeping a record or make a note of some specific date or time frame in which some major dynamic has occurred.

Astrology readings are typically recorded to either CD or tape. If you are interested in setting a date for a session or would like to inquire further feel free to call or check out the web site.

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William Oulton
March 25

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